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Chargers-Rams preseason contest will be first football game with fans at SoFi Stadium

For its first year of existence, SoFi Stadium hosted 16 regular-season games, but none with fans. For the first time ever, fans will witness a football game in the new

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Supersensitive connection causes hatred of noises

A supersensitised brain connection has been identified in people who suffer from misophonia, an extreme reaction to “trigger” sounds. For the first time, researchers led by Newcastle University, have discovered

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Luxury jet makers battle over lucrative spy plane niche

Last month, a ghostly grey business jet took off from central Sweden and headed across the Baltic on a routine spying mission. The converted Gulfstream, caught on a tracking website,

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Nintendo’s new Zelda Amiibo removes tedium for an extra $25

Nintendo is releasing the HD remake of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on the Switch on July 16th, and in the run up to the return of the —

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South Carolina man’s dream inspires purchase of $300,000 lottery ticket

A South Carolina man said a dream about winning the lottery inspired him to buy the ticket that earned him a $300,000 jackpot. The North Charleston man, whose name was

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