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Will Tim Tebow make the 53-man roster in Jacksonville?

Now that tight end Tim Tebow has gained a spot on Jacksonville’s 90-man roster a week before Memorial Day, the next question becomes whether, as of Labor Day, he’ll land

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New insight into when CAR T is effective against childhood leukemia

Scientists and clinicians at UCL and Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) studying the effectiveness of CAR T-cell therapies in children with leukemia, have discovered a small sub-set of T-cells that

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New generation of digital banks bets on minority markets

After a doctor’s visit, three court appearances, five trips to the bank and having her name and address published in a newspaper, Billie Simmons finally got a debit card with

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Slack will let you list your pronouns right under your job title

Slack is now rolling out a new field for profiles that will let you list your pronouns right under your name and job title. Once filled out, your pronouns will

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Mystery chunk of ice crashes through Wisconsin family’s roof

A Wisconsin man received an unusual wake-up call when a nearly 13-pound chunk of ice crashed through the ceiling of his bedroom. Ken Millermon said he was in bed at

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