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A cornerback’s best friend is a pass rush, and Lions secondary coach Aubrey Pleasant spent the last four years with one of the best pass rushers of all time.

Pleasant, who for the last four years was the cornerbacks coach of the Rams, says that defensive tackle Aaron Donald did more to help the Rams’ cornerbacks than anyone else. As Pleasant sees it, the relentless pressure Donald put on opposing quarterbacks was an enormous boost to the Rams’ cornerbacks.

“I joke and tell people that the greatest corner I’ve ever played with is Aaron Donald,” Pleasant said, via the Detroit Free Press. “In order to be a successful football team, things have to marry and they have to collaborate. And I think the pass rush, as well as the ability to play sticky coverage no matter what your philosophy is, I think they go hand in hand and I think when those things work together, it makes it very difficult for opposing offense.”

Unfortunately for the Lions, they don’t have an Aaron Donald-like pass rusher. Few teams do.